Bargains, risks and role players: 10 possible free agents for the Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls v Charlotte Hornets
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Buddy Hield (unrestricted free agent) 

The final two players are veterans who have made a lot of money and make be lured with the full mid-level to chase the playoffs on a team full of veterans. 

Hield is one of the greatest 3-point shooters in NBA history and rarely misses games. The downside is that he can’t guard anyone. 

But the Bulls need shooting and Hield has shown he can still knock them down at a high rate. 

Tobias Harris (unrestricted free agent) 

Harris can likely command more than the mid-level on the open market, especially if he wants to join one of the younger teams with cap space like Detroit, who is reportedly going to pursue him in free agency. 

But Harris has made a ton of money already, more than any active non-All-Star, so he may be more inclined to join a team like the Bulls that is pursuing the playoffs right now, not in the future. 

He’d be a nice get for the Bulls at that price, though his addition is not likely to be enough for Chicago to be serious contenders.