Bargains, risks and role players: 10 possible free agents for the Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls v Charlotte Hornets
Chicago Bulls v Charlotte Hornets / David Jensen/GettyImages
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Miles Bridges (unrestricted free agent) 

Let’s start with the obvious, would the Bulls even want Bridges, a man who is an admitted domestic abuser who will bring loads of bad press along with him? 

Morals and ethics aside, the guy can play, as he averages over 20 per game (albeit on a bad team), can shoot the 3-ball some and is very athletic and dynamic in transition. 

The Hornets have expressed interest in bringing him back and will probably seek a discount after being the team who gave him a second chance, so it’s possible Bridges just returns to Charlotte where he can toil in anonymity. 

It’s also possible that someone else will make a much bigger offer to Bridges, particularly his hometown Pistons, who need a splash and might not care about his past. 

He’s a longshot for the Bulls for several reasons and it will be interesting to see how his free agency plays out.