Bargains, risks and role players: 10 possible free agents for the Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls v Charlotte Hornets
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Obi Toppin (restricted free agent) 

This is the Indiana Pacers section, as they have two forwards who might interest the Chicago Bulls if they hit the market. 

The Pacers are likely going to have to cut ties with at least one of their power forwards, as they are loaded at the position, especially if they retain Pascal Siakam. 

Toppin scored an efficient 10 points per game mostly as a reserve, shooting over 57 percent from the floor and 40 percent from long range, traits the Bulls could use. He’s athletic and can get out in transition and is still young at 26. 

His qualifying offer is lower than the mid-level, so this one will be up to the Pacers and what the market decides Toppin is worth. 

Jalen Smith ($5.4 million player option) 

Another versatile big man who can shoot the 3-ball, it would be nice to steal Smith away from a division rival. 

Smith is likely to decline his player option and seek a bigger deal and he’s a guy the Bulls might be able to pry away with the full mid-level, though he may command more.