8 Stars the Chicago Bulls missed drafting by a single pick

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2001: Bulls draft Eddy Curry #4, Jason Richardson drafted #5 

Bulls draft Trenton Hassell #30, Gilbert Arenas drafted #31 

Another double dip in another terrible draft, the Bulls took local high school legend Eddy Curry and passed on Jason Richardson, who went one pick later. 

Was Richardson a star? Not really, but he played nearly twice as many games as Curry, averaged over 20 per game several times and had a long, productive career. Curry never lived up to his potential and was washed before he was 30 years old. 

The bigger miss came later in the first round, when the Bulls chose Trenton Hassell at 30 and Gilbert Arenas went one pick later. 

Arenas turned out to be a headcase, but at one time he was one of the best guards in the league, a 3-time All-Star who also won the Most Improved Player award. He may also hold the award for “dumbest way to end an NBA career” as he was never the same after serving a suspension for waving a gun around in the locker room.