8 Stars the Chicago Bulls missed drafting by a single pick

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2000: Bulls draft Marcus Fizer #4, Mike Miller drafted #5 

Bulls draft Chris Mihm #7, Jamal Crawford drafted #8 

Rarely do teams get to miss twice in the top-10 of the same draft, but the Chicago Bulls pulled it off in 2000, which is widely regarded as one of the worst drafts of all time. 

They missed out on two of the best role players of the era, as Mike Miller and Jamal Crawford both had long, productive careers. 

You could say that neither of them were stars, but Miller won Rookie of the Year and the 6th Man award and Crawford was arguably the greatest 6th man of all time, winning the award three times and being in the running nearly his entire career, accolades many think make him deserving of the Hall of Fame. 

This was a garbage draft, but the Bulls had a chance to add two valuable role players and instead got two busts.