6 Step plan to rebuild the Chicago Bulls this offseason

Toronto Raptors v Chicago Bulls
Toronto Raptors v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Step 3: Re-sign Patrick Williams 

This could be tricky, as he might have suitors who make offers the Bulls probably shouldn’t match, but if they can retain Williams on a reasonable deal, they should. 

Big forwards who can shoot will always have value in the NBA and Williams has shown he can do that when he’s healthy. But health is a big question, so tendering him the qualifying offer would be a risk at $13 million, but one the Bulls might have to take to make him a restricted free agent.

Williams has not been the star they were hoping for, but with precious few young talents, the Bulls can’t just let Williams walk for nothing. If they can extend him for a reasonable deal, they should, but if some other team swoops in with a ridiculous number, be prepared to let him walk too.