5 Bulls who increased their trade value this season

These players raised their value on the trade market with their play this year.
Coby White, Chicago Bulls
Coby White, Chicago Bulls / David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
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It was another disappointing and mostly mediocre season for the Chicago Bulls. Although the team ultimately exceeded their projected win total set before the season, they still fell short of claiming a playoff spot in what turned out to be a relatively weak Eastern Conference.

The Bulls have failed to secure a winning record in six of the last seven seasons, and have won a grand total of one playoff game in that time. With so little to show for all they have done over the last several years, it seems high time for Chicago to commit to a full rebuild.

If that is the direction they end up taking, the Bulls have plenty of players other teams around the league will be interested in trading for, especially after this past season. These are five Bulls players that raised their trade value in 2023-24.

1. Javonte Green

Playing his third full season in Chicago this year, Javonte Green played sparingly. Still working on getting back to form after getting over right knee troubles from last season, Green only appeared in nine games for the Bulls with five starts.

But in those games, he put up a career-high scoring average of 12.2 points and shot 60% from the field. Javonte is an interesting case in the sense that he entered the league as a 26-year old rookie, so he does not have nearly as much NBA experience as his peers.

But Green is showing with his three-and-D capabilities that there is still a player there to be excited about. He could certainly be part of a potential trade package, and any opposing teams that paid attention to him this season are undoubtedly more interested than they were six months ago.