5 best remaining free agents Bulls could sign on buyout market

Detroit Pistons v Chicago Bulls
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2. Joe Harris

Even if the Bulls, don't sign Hayes, they can still pick up a waived Pistons player — something you may notice will be a bit of a recurring theme here. After a disappointing campaign, Detroit has also cut veteran sharpshooter Joe Harris, allowing the 32-year-old veteran to search for greener pastures.

Truthfully, it's difficult to blame Detroit for this decision. Harris isn't a good defender, playmaker, or rebounder. Outside of his shooting, he has no redeeming qualities. And when the shots are only going in at a 33.3% success rate, that roster spot on a tanking team could be much better utilized on someone else.

That being said, I find it difficult to believe that a player who has shot a blistering hot 45.2% from deep over the last five years (leading the league twice over that span), could fall off so tremendously overnight. I believe Harris could thrive in a more established system, and it's no secret the Bulls could use all the additional shooting they can get.

1. Danilo Gallinari

Now that both Thaddeus Young and Marcus Morris have agreed to terms with new teams following their respective buyouts, that leaves the remaining free agent pool extremely thin among forwards. If the Bulls are to acquire some additional help, I believe it's obvious that they are most shallow on the wing, and thus the recently waived (by Detroit) veteran Danilo Gallinari would be the best remaining player they could pick up.

This move would make a lot of sense on paper, as the Bulls already registered interest in Gallinari as a free agent in 2022. He ended up signing with the Celtics instead but would be sidelined for the rest of the season after tearing his ACL. Now that he's healthy again and should be available at a low cost, picking up an experienced veteran like Gallinari would be the ideal way to round out this Bulls roster on the buyout market.