4 Just-traded players Bulls should've snagged themselves

A few players Chicago may wish they had made a move for.
Monte Morris, Chicago Bulls
Monte Morris, Chicago Bulls / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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Monte Morris

Once again, getting a backup point guard should have been one of the Bulls' biggest aims at the trade deadline. There were a variety of options to choose from, but a good choice would have been someone older and experienced, and someone who has played a part on winning teams in the past that could provide advice and leadership to a youngster like Coby White.

Someone that fits that bill is Monte Morris, who knows a lot about winning basketball given that he spent the first five seasons of his career playing alongside Nikola Jokic with the Nuggets. Morris played a backup role in Denver up until the 2021-22 season where he was named a full-time starter.

In that time, it is no wonder that he improved greatly as a playmaker given that he played with one of the best offensive engines of this generation. He then moved on to the Washington Wizards and Detroit Pistons, the latter of which he struggled to find playing time with.

Morris would have been an excellent backup option in Chicago. Between DeMar DeRozan, Coby White, Nikola Vucevic, Ayo Dosunmu and others, he would have had a plethora of offensive weapons around him to work with. Not adding a guard the likes of Morris is what could lead to a quick playoff exit for the Bulls this season.

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