4 Just-traded players Bulls should've snagged themselves

A few players Chicago may wish they had made a move for.
Monte Morris, Chicago Bulls
Monte Morris, Chicago Bulls / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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We have officially passed the 2024 NBA trade deadline, and the Chicago Bulls ultimately did not make any moves. It was the third consecutive deadline that Chicago decided to hold off on changing up their roster, and the Bulls have still not made any trades of significance since August of 2021.

This is obviously a frustrating development for much of the fanbase. The team has made it clear that they believe they have what they need to be a contender in the Eastern Conference, but skepticism around that statement is very understandable.

There are multiple players it would have made sense for the Bulls to trade for ahead of the deadline. These are the ones they will regret missing out on most.

Dennis Schroder

The most positive development of the season for Chicago has been the breakout of Coby White. He has been showing off his supercharged athletic ability, leaving defenders in the dust and showing that he can be the Bulls' solution at point guard long-term.

But a backup ball-handler is still needed. Someone who can be a playmaker as well as operate well off the ball. There were not many better options on the market at the deadline than Dennis Schroder. The 11th-year veteran is an excellent scorer and assist-getter, and has proven his ability on playoff contenders time and time again over the last decade.

Having Schroder as a backup to keep the offense focused and efficient would have been a massive lift, especially now that Zach LaVine is out for the season.