4 Ceiling raisers the Bulls should trade for before February deadline

Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls
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4. Isaiah Joe

Of all these trade targets, I'm the most skeptical of this one because Isaiah Joe is so important to what the Thunder do. Looking at the future, they'll have to make some financial decisions to keep the team payroll flexible. They'll have to figure out how much they'll pay Joe because they only possess more first-round picks they'll have to draft, Chet, Josh Giddey, and Jalen Williams extensions in the future books, plus while keeping in mind cap space in case they want to make a trade for superstar return.

These are all factors for the future to consider, but the Bulls would be smart to trade a first-round pick plus a player in return for the services of Isaiah Joe. The Bulls need a true three-point threat to space the floor for the whole team to thrive and take their game to the next level. Snatching Isaiah Joe from the Thunder would prove immensely great for us because we have great guard play and can roll out different combinations of quality offense and defense with Coby White balling out in the absence of Lonzo, Alex Caruso being a great point-of-attack defender, and Joe playing shooting guard while LaVine and DeRozan move up a position.

This stretches our offense and helps DeMar in the mid-range, as well as creates lanes for LaVine and Coby to slash through the defense and carve them up. Investing in a true three-point shooter could help develop the games of Coby White and Patrick Williams. Ultimately, the Bulls are running with the belief that this core can do something special in the Eastern Conference. These players can help improve their chances of doing just that. The Bulls are going to have to make some noise in the East this season because if they don't, they will have to make some major moves to think about over the summer.

Chicago's contract situation is being monitored closely with Zach earning an average of $40 million per year, and DeRozan looking for his next payday. While also keeping in mind flexibility with our young players. Lonzo Ball will most likely opt into his player option for financial security and hope to play next year and prove that he still belongs in the NBA. LaVine is under contract until 2027, and Coby White and Nikola Vucevic are under contract until 2026.

If Ball returns to anything like his previous form, the Bulls might only need to decide on resigning, or trading DeRozan and Patrick Williams. It's all about this season because if this year is a disaster, then the Bulls should look into a major move that includes moving DeMar and Patrick Williams for a player better suited to complement the players signed long-term. If the team keeps on improving up until the trade deadline, the team should execute one of these trades to help their chances at a better playoff run and keep the core intact.

The Bulls are looking better today than at the beginning of the season. Exploring a look into these trades could help shore up the margins of this team and significantly improve our team by assigning our players to better roles suited to their skill sets. The Bulls have enough talent currently to be considered in the playoff picture with teams like the Heat (22-16) and Magic (21-18). We will watch closely for any activity leading up to the trade deadline and the team will ultimately decide the direction they want to take from there. Will that be a major move for the future, or a marginal move to improve this season? We shall see over this next month.