12 People who turned their backs on the Bulls

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4. Jim Boylen

The Bulls appeared to finally be back on track when they hired Tom Thibodeau, who went 255-139 and won nearly 64.7 percent of his games- the second-best clip in franchise history. However, Thibodeau sought more power and ultimately left Chicago, forcing them to replace one of their more successful coaches in franchise history. 

In was Fred Hoiberg, who wasn't nearly as effective, and missed the playoffs in three of his four years as coach. Hoiberg was dismissed as Jim Boylen was promoted from lead assistant to head coach.

Boylen had been an assistant under old-school, hard-nosed Hall of Fame coaches like Rudy Tomjanovich and Gregg Popovich, and won three championships as an assistant head coach. 

The Bulls thought he'd be more like Thibodeau, who is also known to ride his players hard and coach them tough. Which is what Boylen also did.

However, it wasn't quite as effective.

He constantly clashed with players, which wouldn't have been so bad if he was winning at the clip of Phil Jackson and/or Thibodeau. However, Boylen went 17-41 in his first season and 22-43 in his second season in the Windy City.

Boylen employed outlandish practices, such as having players clock in to a time clock and even conducting practices after back-to-back games, drawing the ire of the players. He also opted to call timeouts at the end of blowouts, which is the ultimate petty move.

Boylen was bounced after two years, and for good measure.