Hilarity ensues after Bulls cause chaos with 5 roster cuts in 5 days

Arturas Karnisovas, Billy Donovan, Chicago Bulls, 2023 NBA Media Day (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Arturas Karnisovas, Billy Donovan, Chicago Bulls, 2023 NBA Media Day (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

With the 2023-24 season set to tip off in less than a week, there was always expected to be a flurry of roster cuts and additions for end-of-bench players all around the league. However, I don’t think anyone expected the Chicago Bulls to be this active, as the front office has scrambled to make moves at the margins following a relatively uneventful 2023 draft and free agency period.

Kicking things off by waiving Max Heidegger and Henri Drell on October 14, the Bulls were just getting started with a series of cuts that would see five casualties in the same number of days. Quenton Jackson would be next on the chopping block, but none were as notable (and entertaining) as the Chicago’s final two cuts.

Not even a full 24 hours removed from announcing the signings of Derrick Favors and Khalil Whitney, the Bulls’ official X (formerly Twitter) account declared their prompt decision to cut both players from their training camp deals. This was a hilarious turn of events to many fans, as indicated by the post drawing in nearly 30,000 likes.

Bulls fans haven’t seen the last of Derrick Favors and Khalil Whitney just yet.

Don’t be mistaken, this wasn’t an all-time-level show of disrespect to Favors and Whitney. This move was actually a way for Chicago to retain the rights to the pair of players, so that they may send them to the G League to play with the Windy City Bulls.

Of course, that didn’t stop this confusing situation from causing all hell to break loose among Bulls fans online. Plenty of fans took the opportunity to crack jokes over the situation, and I’m not mad about it in the slightest.

X (formerly Twitter) user @ByJeffPratt likens the situation to an iconic and particularly relevant Simpsons episode, while @jnmegatron jokingly suggests the Bulls should, “retire their jerseys”.

The comment section is currently littered with replies honoring Favors and Whitney as Bulls legends, with even a few non-Bulls fans stopping in to appreciate the sheer hilarity of the situation.

The jokes didn’t stop there, as fans in the r/chicagobulls community on Reddit find humor in the situation as well.

"“Is there still time to return my jersey?” -u/daveydavidsonnc“So weird. Did they show up drunk!?” – u/sleepybeek"

I feel rather confident that wasn’t the case, but I suppose you’d have to be under the influence in the first place to have already ordered a Derrick Favors jersey in the first place. Jokes aside, I believe these two could be real assets for Chicago in the future. Even if they’re not, well… at least we got a good laugh out of it in the end.

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