Torrey Craig answers burning questions in AMA with Bulls fans

Torrey Craig, Chicago Bulls AMA (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)
Torrey Craig, Chicago Bulls AMA (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images) /

Now that another successful Bulls Fest is in the books, now we have time to go back and look through one of my favorite portions of the event, the AMA (Ask Me Anything) interviews. These AMAs often give fans a chance to get acquainted with and learn a little bit more about new members of the roster.

Fortunately, that tradition was not laid to rest this season, as the Bulls brought in arguably the most impactful free agent signing of Chicago’s offseason in Torrey Craig to answer a handful of interview questions from fans. Craig will be entrusted to play heavy minutes off the bench at the forward positions this season, so hopefully his AMA allows us to take a deeper look into his mind.

He’s far from the first Bulls player to do these AMAs, as the Bulls have successfully brought on several players of the past to be interviewed before. We’ve seen a few solid veterans and role players answer questions, and even true Bulls legends like Kirk Hinrich and Horace Grant. If you’d like to have access to these AMAs so you can ask your own questions, you can join the Chicago Bulls official Discord server here.

Back to the topic at hand, here’s what Torrey Craig had to say to fans at this year’s Bulls Fest.

Torrey Craig answers questions asked directly by fans at Bulls Fest.

Q) What are some areas of your game you specifically wanted to improve going into this upcoming season?

"“I try to use summers to work on all aspects of my game: ball handling, shooting, a lot of body work — that’s an underrated thing, with mobility and getting massages and doing agility work and things like that and watching your diet as well.”"

Q) What does #3 means to you? Why was it so special for you to take it back and which number will you finally wear?

"“I started my NBA career in Denver wearing 3 and I kinda made a name for myself, “TC3,” and then I went to Milwaukee and was number 3. Then I went to Phoenix and Chris Paul was there so he was number 3. I haven’t been able to get it since so I figured this would be one of those opportunities where I could try to get it again but nah [Drummond] has it, it’s all jokes.”"

Q) Torrey, who are you most excited to be playing with? Can be multiple players.

"“Just the whole team, man. I’m excited to play with DeMar and his crazy work ethic and love for the game, just playing with another competitor. Patrick Williams, a guy from Charlotte, North Carolina — that’s where I’m from back home — and then you got LaVine, Drummond, Caruso so I’m excited to play with everyone, man.”"

Q) Hey Torrey, welcome to the Bulls an Chicago. Who is your favorite player all time?

"“Allen Iverson. His size and his swag that he brought to the game, I was always a fan of him and his arm sleeve and headband. I wanted to be just like him so that’s kinda where I got my headband and wearing the sleeve from. And the way he played the game, a competitor no matter the size, no matter the moment, he always competed.”"

Q) Hey Torrey, what would be your all time starting 5? You can include yourself too… welcome to Chicago!

"“It would probably be Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal.”"

Q) Your story is one that is unique, you’ve virtually touched every level of basketball, from going undrafted, playing in the NBL, getting a spot on the G league to finally finding your home in the NBA for the past 4 years. What kept you motivated throughout that entire process? What advice would you give to athletes who may find themselves in your situation?

"“You’re doing something you love to do. When you’re passionate about something and you really love it, that’s all the motivation it takes. You don’t really need that much motivation to do something you love to do every day and to get paid to do it. So it’s an easy job for me, I don’t really need anything to motivate me to do something I love to do.”"

If you’re like me and can’t wait to see Craig suit up for the Bulls, you can read the rest of the AMA on Discord if you’re so inclined.

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