Ranking 10 Worst Bulls starters of the Michael Jordan era

Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen. (Photo credit: VINCENT LAFORET/AFP via Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen. (Photo credit: VINCENT LAFORET/AFP via Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bulls were the team of the 1990s, thanks to Michael Jordan. The GOAT helped them win six championships in eight years before retiring in 1998. Fans were captivated by The Last Dance during the pandemic. It stirred up plenty of old feelings for those involved, but that was just one small part of MJ’s legacy.

Jordan was a star from the moment he entered the NBA, but it took seven seasons before he won his first championship. MJ won six of the next eight as his two three-peats were interrupted by a brief baseball career. Jordan made the Bulls an iconic franchise as he transformed into the greatest of all time.

MJ did not do it alone. He had some outstanding teammates during his 13 seasons in Chicago, but there were plenty of regrettable ones, especially in the early days. Here is a look at the Bulls’ worst starters that played next to Jordan.

Ranking worst Chicago Bulls starters of the Michael Jordan era

10. Rory Sparrow

Sparrow is best known for his charity work and his four-year run as the Knicks starting point guard in the mid-1980s, but he had a brief stint playing next to MJ in Chicago.

The Bulls traded a second-round pick to the Knicks for the 6’2 guard in November of 1987. Chicago had John Paxson as their starting point guard, and they hoped Sparrow could give them a boost after three straight first-round playoff exits.

They tried him in several different roles, including letting him start 25 games during the regular season, but the fit just was not there. Sparrow averaged 4.5 points and 2.9 assists in 18.0 minutes per game over his 55 contests with Chicago. His minutes and production dipped further in the playoffs, and the Bulls waived him before the start of the following season.

Rory Sparrow had a couple of quality years left in him, but he struggled mightily playing next to Michael Jordan. On talent, he does not belong on this list. His inclusion was solely based on fit and lack of production in Chicago.