3 Free agents Bulls should target to fill final 2 roster spots

Christian Wood, Chicago Bulls free agent targets (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Christian Wood, Chicago Bulls free agent targets (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /
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Christian Wood, Chicago Bulls
Christian Wood, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images) /

1. Christian Wood

Also suggested by Pippen Ain’t Easy’s own Satya Damaraju, one particular forward from Dallas could provide much offensive assstance at a cheaper cost. Christian Wood in the 2022-23 season was a great offensive player. Wood averaged 16.6 points per game on 51.2% shooting with a 3-point percentage of 37.3% last season. His scoring was efficient with a reliable three-pointer which the Bulls lack off the bench.

The only downside is his defense which has been lackluster his whole career. His lack of defensive ability comes down to two possible reasons; his mentality or size which limits his ability to stop bigger defenders. I believe it’s likely a mix of both, as Wood has the athletic ability to be, at the minimum, a decent defender. He wouldn’t be able to stop offensive juggernauts like Giannis or Embiid but he would at least be able to stop slower bigs and be able to switch on faster guards better than Vucevic could.

It’s not that he lacks the mentality to be a defensive player but more he needs a situation that makes him more comfortable. His situation worsened when he was benched by Jason Kidd on the Mavericks last season. At times, Kidd noticeably underutilized Wood, benching him when he was on a hot streak or when everyone else but Luka could shoot. His potential in Dallas was never met, and it would help to put him at the forefront.

If the Bulls find the right role for him, Christian Wood is a true ceiling-raising player.

Christian Wood could be a vital inclusion on this team. Since this Bulls’ roster has been rather injury prone in the past, having a player who can offensively carry when LaVine and DeRozan get injured is a great addition. As well, a player who can play off LaVine’s drive to the basket as an off-ball shooter or as a pick-and-pop could do wonders for the Bulls. Vucevic has this role but with the addition of another threat, it could help create some dynamic offense for the Bulls.

The only problem for the Christian Wood signing would be signing him to a perfect deal. The Chicago Bulls present themselves at the current moment as a play-in team, would Wood want to play for an uncertain playoff roster, or would he want to play with a team with greater stars? This might be true as there have been rumors, he might be included in a sign-and-trade deal with the Lakers. It gives more credence that the Bulls will maybe not be able to sign the forward, but it would be very beneficial if they could.

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