3 Free agents Bulls should target to fill final 2 roster spots

Christian Wood, Chicago Bulls free agent targets (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
Christian Wood, Chicago Bulls free agent targets (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) /
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As the flashy and splashy part of free agency has ended, the Bulls still have an opportunity to fill their roster. As the stars and high-level agents have been signed, there are still opportunities for the Bulls to sign players. Ayo Dosunmu is a clear target to resign and luckily he has been reported by anonymous sources that he will be reconsidered as a part of the team.

This list is more focused on the moves that can be made on the lower margins, agents that could be seen as low risk, high reward. This is more possible as a result of the Disabled Player Exception contract for Lonzo Ball. Enabling the Bulls to spend 10.2 million on a free agent or use Lonzo in a trade involving a player in their final year.

There are still a few very interesting free agent options out there for the Bulls to sign.

3. P.J. Washington

P.J. Washington is a restricted free agent worth pursuing but it will be difficult to acquire him. The Bulls could attempt to acquire him but with the expectation that the Hornets might match the contract. He is an all-around type of player, he can play any role the Bulls need him to be as a forward. The Bulls could use him as a starter or as a bench player, switching between him and Patrick Williams in subsequent games. As it goes on now, he has as much punch as Patrick Williams on this team but with less offensive potential.

Washington had a relatively below-par season last year, with all his stats falling off his expected productivity. His efficiency dropped from 47% to 44%  from the field. Even worse, his plus/minus  went from 143 to -375. To be fair, a lot of this was due to a worse-constructed team than years prior. The Hornets became a clearly lottery-bound team very early on, starting out with a record of 6-20.

Washington is a great off-ball player, not as number one option which he was forced to be on the talent-depleted Hornets some nights. His best seasons were when the team was geared with more offensively talented players taking responsibility than Washington. For the Bulls, who are covered on the offensive side, PJ Washington could be a useful off-ball player.

The Bulls need a forward who can play defense if they want more of a balanced team. As of now, they have a perimeter defense at the guard position, but not on the power forward and center positions. Washington is a solid balanced player, and may be worth pursuing if his price tag has taken a hit.