NBA Rumors: Grizzlies put perfect Bulls point guard target on trade block

Tyus Jones, Chicago Bulls trade targets (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images)
Tyus Jones, Chicago Bulls trade targets (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images) /

Following news of Ja Morant’s impending 25-game suspension, it was presumed by most that this would make Tyus Jones an untouchable asset. After all, Tyus stepped up in a big way and posted great production when bumped up into the starting five last season. We’ve been big fans of Jones’ game here for a while at Pippen Ain’t Easy, and if he has truly become available, the Chicago Bulls would be wise to jump on this opportunity to lock down a true playmaking point guard.

I understand that Memphis is likely more concerned with the postseason than regular season success at this point, but completely dismissing the importance of those first 25 games (and the time it takes Morant to shake the rust off) feels like a foolish bet against themselves. Even if this news seems to completely contradict the logical decision for the Grizzlies to make, the Bulls would be wise to jump on this lapse of judgment.

Jake Fischer reports that the Grizzlies are actively looking to find a new home for the point guard this summer, presumably so he can finally have the opportunity to be a full-time starter on another team.

The Chicago Bulls must engage in the pursuit of Tyus Jones if he is truly on the trade block this summer.

Aside from the fact Memphis will need a stopgap at the point guard position until Morant returns, Jones is also on an extremely team-friendly $14 million expiring deal. If they do decide to move him, he will no doubt draw plenty of interest from several suitors.

Fischer outlines just what the Grizzlies are looking for in his report:

"“One of the more interesting names on the trade market is Memphis point guard Tyus Jones. The Duke product has emerged as one of, if not the top reserve floor generals in the league, providing the Grizzlies with starter-level production whenever Memphis All-Star Ja Morant has been unavailable during their shared Grizzlies tenure… The Grizzlies, however, are exploring trade opportunities to help Jones land a full-time starting position elsewhere, league sources told Yahoo Sports, while Memphis has prioritized upgrading the team’s wing depth.”"

If the Bulls decided to send a few of their wing players Memphis’ way, I’m sure they’d at least entertain the offer, but the Grizzlies will likely be looking for a true upgrade over Dillon Brooks at the small forward position. Fortunately for Chicago, DeMar DeRozan is significantly better than any other player they’d get in offers. If the Bulls are truly interested in retooling around Zach LaVine, getting a playmaker like Jones as well as a few other assets could truly help unlock the full potential of this team.

Jones may not be the star name that sells tickets, but he is the type of unselfish passer and great shooter that would replace the void left by Lonzo Ball better than perhaps any other option on the table. If this story builds any traction in the coming days leading up to and after the 2023 NBA Draft, we’ll have the latest news here.

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