Suns shocking decision to waive Chris Paul could save the Bulls

Chris Paul, Chicago Bulls, 2023 NBA Free Agency (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Chris Paul, Chicago Bulls, 2023 NBA Free Agency (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

I can’t say I expected to be writing this tonight, but as of a few short minutes ago, the Phoenix Suns have officially decided to waive Chris Paul and allow the guard to hit unrestricted free agency this summer. While our minds may still be processing this information, I think now is the time for the Chicago Bulls to put their foot on the pedal and progress with a plan to secure their starting point guard for the 2023-24 campaign.

This news is unexpected, to say the least, as the Suns no doubt had title contentions on their mind after building an impressive core of Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, and Paul. Now, they’ll likely either promote former Bull Cam Payne to the starting lineup, or join Chicago in their search for a championship-caliber point guard this summer.

Chris Haynes of TNT and Bleacher Report broke this shocking news, in what is sure to have fans all around the NBA clamoring to pursue the legendary point guard.

With Lonzo Ball out of commission, pursuing the recently waived Chris Paul in free agency makes perfect sense for the Chicago Bulls.

Just when things were looking bleak for Chicago this summer, this opens up a perfect opportunity for the Bulls to lock down a quality point guard in the short term while continuing to scavenge for long-term answers in the meantime. Having a playmaker of Paul’s caliber is just what this team has been missing for far too long, and I firmly believe a player like CP3 could be what finally unlocks Zach LaVine’s superstar potential.

The Bulls already benefitted majorly by striking the buyout market hard last year when they brought Patrick Beverley aboard. Having even a mediocre point guard like Pat Bev around helped the Bulls post a 14-9 record to finish the year, it’s easy to imagine the Bulls could be even better this time around if they sign CP3.

Although the Suns waived Paul, they’re still on the hook to pay $15.8 million of his remaining salary, meaning he’s set to be paid a large sum even if he doesn’t play a single minute of basketball this season. Since the Bulls do not have a major amount of cap flexibility this summer, the fact Paul is already on the hook for a sizeable payday from the Suns could mean he’s willing to take less money to join up with Chicago. Although the Bulls are not a clear-cut title contender as of yet, they are one of the very few competitive teams around the league with a vacancy at the point guard position.

If CP3 ends up valuing play time and a chance to redeem himself in a big market over ring-chasing on the bench, there is reason to believe the Bulls could be a prime candidate to sign the future Hall of Famer. After all those years of floated rumors and alleged interest in CP3, now may finally be the time the Bulls strike big on a point guard.

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