3 free agents with ties to Billy Donovan the Bulls could sign

Zach LaVine, Billy Donovan, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Zach LaVine, Billy Donovan, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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Hamido Diallo, Chicago Bulls Free Agent Targets, Billy Donovan
Hamido Diallo, Chicago Bulls Free Agent Targets (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

2. Hamidou Diallo

Not likely to wow anyone as a household name, most people probably know Hamidou Diallo from the memorable 2019 NBA Dunk Contest, where he dunked over Shaquille O’Neal and prevailed over New York’s Dennis Smith Jr. in front of his own fans at the Madison Square Garden to take the crown. While that achievement was certainly impressive, Diallo has still managed to make quite the career for himself while under the radar with the Pistons.

In two and a half seasons in Detroit, Diallo has averaged 10.2 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 1.1 steals per game off the bench. What he lacks for in three-point shooting ability, he makes up for his ability to create turnovers, get out on the fast break, and slam the ball home for an easy two points. If the Bulls are truly committed to adding a playmaker at point guard this year, then that new acquisition would be thrilled to have a player like Diallo to throw lobs to.

Hamidou Diallo would be an excellent target for the Bulls if they retool the roster in free agency.

Now that Coby White, Javonte Green, and Derrick Jones Jr. (although he claims he intends to opt in) are each eligible to leave in free agency this summer, the Bulls may be faced with the possibility of losing three of their primary offensive contributors off the bench. For a team that already has the NBA’s seventh-worst points per game production from their second unit, this is an issue we can’t just ignore.

If even just one of these players bolts in free agency, there would be a wide open space for Diallo to come in and immediately contribute. With two dunk contest champions already on the roster, the Chicago Bulls would become must-watch television if they could add a third to their collection here.