3 players the Bulls should be willing to give up in Trae Young trade

Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls, NBA Trade Rumors (Credit: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports)
Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls, NBA Trade Rumors (Credit: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls, Trae Young, NBA Trade Rumors
Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls (Credit: David Yeazell-USA TODAY Sports) /

1. Zach LaVine

While it would be nice to pair both Zach LaVine and Young in the backcourt, it may be best to possibly trade LaVine for a couple of reasons. For starters, the defensive pairing is far from ideal. LaVine may not be the worst defender in the world, but Young has a case for that title.

Alongside this, sending LaVine in this deal may be the best way for the Bulls to save assets. While they definitely won’t be able to trade LaVine straight up for Young, it would likely cost just two or three first-round picks and maybe a younger player.

If the Bulls can do this, while maintaining players like Caruso and Williams, it would be huge for Chicago’s defense while also bringing in a better offensive player. There may not be a massive gap between Young and LaVine as scorers, but the playmaking Young provides would improve the Bulls’ offense by a ridiculous amount.

The Bulls don’t really have a primary playmaker on offense, so bringing in someone who can not only be that, but is also one of the best passers in the league, would do wonders for the team. Hopefully, Young restores the efficiency he had in years past, as that would make a deal like this work out even better than it likely already would.

Young has his problems, there are no doubts about that, but in the right situation, he can be a game-changing player for any team, let alone the Bulls. This team needs some offensive help and Young could very well be that guy for them.

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