Way-too-early prediction for Bulls’ 2023-24 starting lineup

Chicago Bulls, Potential 2023-24 Starting Lineup (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls, Potential 2023-24 Starting Lineup (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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Brandon Miller, Chicago Bulls, Potential 2023-24 Starting Lineup, Depth Chart
Brandon Miller, Chicago Bulls, Potential 2023-24 Starting Lineup (Photo by Brandon Sumrall/Getty Images) /

Power Forward: Rookie from the 2023 NBA Draft

If the rest of the Bulls’ season plays out how I predict it will, they’ll more likely than not be aiming for better position in the draft lottery, not the playoffs. Fortunately, this year’s draft class looks to be much better than last season’s, and would allow the Bulls to pick a starting-caliber player if they land in the top four and retain the rights to their pick.

Even better, all top three prospects play positions of need for the Bulls. Victor Wembanyama and Brandon Miller in particular would be particularly effective in the power forward slot for Chicago, as they have the shooting to adapt to the modern NBA but also the size that this team just does not possess right now.

But even if the Bulls land the fourth pick, prospects like Jarace Walker and Cam Whitmore would be worth looking into as well, and could solve this team’s most glaring roster issue.

Of course, Chicago could also land the No. 2 pick in this scenario, in which case I believe they’d select Scoot Henderson to take over at the point. If that were to happen, I’d expect the Bulls to make a free agent addition at power forward, not point guard, over the summer. A few potential options include PJ Washington, Grant Williams, and Rui Hachimura.

Center: Nikola Vucevic

If we are to assume the Raptors traded for Jakob Poeltl to retain him past this season with a new contract in the summer, that makes Chicago’s Nikola Vucevic the best available center on the market this year. Like it or not, the Bulls would be foolish to let one of their best players walk for nothing when he’s repeatedly indicated an interest in re-signing at a fair and team-friendly rate,

I still believe a restructuring of this current team is far more likely than a full-scale rebuild, so I have a hard time seeing the front office move on from two of this team’s three best players in a single offseason.

Long-term, I still believe it’s in Chicago’s best interest to go younger at the five. Ideally, they can find a more imposing force in the post that can complement the rest of the roster with his defense and rebounding. Until then, it’s hard to complain about having a borderline top-10 center holding things down.

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