4 NBA Draft prospects that make tanking worth it for Bulls

Scoot Henderson, 2023 NBA Draft, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Scoot Henderson, 2023 NBA Draft, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /
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Brandon Miller, Chicago Bulls Targets, 2023 NBA Draft, Mock Draft
Brandon Miller, Chicago Bulls Targets, 2023 NBA Draft (Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images) /

3. Brandon Miller, Forward, Alabama

When looking at Brandon Miller’s raw physical attributes, he feels like the type of player that was specifically built to be drafted No. 1 overall in today’s NBA. Standing at 6-foot-9 with enough lateral agility to survive out there on the wing, it’s easy to envision Miller holding down either forward position.

He also grades out as a positive impact player in nearly every facet of the game. Shooting a ridiculous 43.1% from deep on 7 attempts per game and knocking down 83.3% of his free throws, Miller just might be this draft’s best shooter in the entire class. He’s a competent defender and has displayed great basketball IQ in that he rarely makes costly mistakes with turnovers and personal fouls. Watching him, it’s hard not to see a better version of Jabari Smith Jr. out there on the court, who was selected third overall last year and was the frontrunner to go No. 1 leading right up to the draft.

If you weren’t already aboard the Brandon Miller hype train before, you should be now after his 41-point decimation of South Carolina earlier this week. He exploded for 8 three-point makes and a 14-for-25 shooting performance from the field while leading Alabama to a 24-4 record.

Brandon Miller should be skyrocketing up the Chicago Bulls’ draft board with his dynamic two-way play.

Although most fans seem to have their eyes set on the top two, keeping this year’s pick and selecting Miller would significantly help set Chicago up for the future. Ironically, Miller looks to be the exact type of player the Bulls were hoping Patrick Williams could one day become. Injecting a little competition for Williams’ role as this team’s de facto future building block certainly couldn’t hurt.

Miller is the best true forward in this draft class and plays the most valuable position in basketball right now. Miller is looking like a potential superstar in the making here and would be incredible value at No. 3 overall. In plenty of other years, he’d occupy the top slot on the big board, but the top two in this year’s draft class are simply undeniable talents.

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