Even Charles Barkley is roasting Bulls for disappointing trade deadlie

Charles Barkley, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TNT)
Charles Barkley, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TNT) /

Something tells me the storm of criticism for the Chicago Bulls is just now building steam, as the media has caught onto the fanbases’ displeasure over what transpired during yesterday’s trade deadline. It’s now more obvious than ever that the Bulls have no real direction and would rather squander their wealth of talent fighting for a first-round exit in the playoffs than make moves to build toward any meaningful success.

Charles Barkley has been one of the biggest supporters of what the Bulls have been working to accomplish since hiring Arturas Karnisovas, but even he has seen enough. He agrees with the fanbase’s sentiment that a team who has proven to not be good enough won’t simply become contenders overnight due to the magic of “continuity”.

Barkley went on an absolute tirade against the Bulls on TNT, stating, “The Chicago Bulls are embarrassing. I have zero idea what they are doing. They should’ve blown this team up.” Even worse, when polling nearly 3,000 people who read the quote, an overwhelming 82.8% percent of Bulls fans said they agree with Barkley’s harsh assessment of this team.

The media is justifiably putting the Chicago Bulls on blast for their horrendous decision-making at the trade deadline.

Even the popular basketball site Tankathon gave the Bulls a scathing review for their ineptitude at the trade deadline. Ironically, Chicago would probably be in a much better position if they found themselves still armed with all future picks, even if it meant being near the top of Tankathon’s home page.

Not making any moves was painful enough as is, but things would soon get even worse for the Bulls last night. Following the trade deadline, Karnisovas spoke to the media and explained that the departure of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving from Brooklyn inspired their decision to remain competitive, as they presumably believe the Bulls could catch the Nets in the standings.

Of course, Chicago would go on to get trounced by a Brooklyn team that was not only missing its two superstars, but was also starting two bench players and had yet to introduce Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson into the lineup. The Bulls failed to even make a single three-pointer until halfway through the third quarter, further proving this roster just isn’t constructed to be a contender.

This all reflects extremely poorly both on the front office and head coach Billy Donovan, who was inked to a secret extension over the summer for some unknown reason. Karnisovas has doubled down and said Donovan is doing an “unbelievable job” this season. The only thing I find unbelievable is this front office’s optimism that they’re steering the ship in any direction that will yield long-term success for the franchise.

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