3 Key players who will elevate the Chicago Bulls into the Playoffs

Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls, NBA Global Games (Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports)
Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls, NBA Global Games (Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Javonte Green, Chicago Bulls
Javonte Green, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

2. Javonte Green

Even though he has been injured recently, Javonte Green‘s on-court impact for the Bulls has been huge, especially as a high-energy player coming off the bench. When looking at his hustle and advanced stats, Green places above league average in most categories, and he’s even a top player in some. Every Bulls fan knows about the forward’s presence on the defensive side of the ball, and the stats back it up.

Just take a look at his statistical prowess thus far this season.

  • 4.9 deflections per 36 minutes (2nd in NBA)
  • 106.6 Defensive Rating (90th percentile)
  • 2.4 STL per 36 minutes (93rd percentile)
  • 2.1 BLK per 36 minutes (89th percentile)

Green’s stats are a rare feat, especially for a 6’5 forward. His presence has given the Bulls the chance to play small ball, which has given the team more lineup flexibility. However, Green hasn’t just been a lockdown player, his advanced stats are showing strength on the offensive end too.

Javonte has mainly been thought of as a defensive player in his time with Chicago, and this has led to low usage on the offensive end. Despite this, Green has been able to make the most of his opportunities on the offensive end, showing solid offensive stats as well. Through 28 games, Javonte is achieving career-highs in efficiency, shooting an impressive 58.7% from the field

This combination of strong offensive and defensive play has put Green in the 88th percentile in net rating, at +13 per 100 possessions. Javonte Green has brought not just energy to the Bulls team, but high-quality play to back it up. Green’s ability to make the most of his chances on the court has been a huge factor for the Bulls this season and has led to excellent team performance when he plays. The Bulls are really missing him as he is undergoing knee surgery, but if he makes a swift recovery the team will be stronger.