Ranking the top 10 guards in Chicago Bulls franchise history

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Although the Chicago Bulls have been hesitant to forever retire jersey numbers in the past, if you look up to the rafters in the United Center, you’ll see two of the four jerseys belong to guards. For a team with such a prestigious past, it takes a really special player to make their place in franchise history.

For that reason, I thought it a worthwhile experiment to compile a list of the 10 best guards to ever play for the Chicago Bulls. If we put all the genius playmaking point guards and electric three-level scoring shooting guards in the same bag, which players would have the greatest lasting legacies?

Considering the Bulls have existed as a franchise for 57 years and counting, I had hundreds of guards to sift through and examine before coming to my conclusion. There were several players I’d have loved to mention, but its these 10 players who undoubtedly stand tall above the rest

Dating back to 1967, many legendary guards have played for the Chicago Bulls.

But first, I’d still like to give a quick shoutout to a handful of some of the most important and talented guards that we’ve seen play for the Bulls. They may not have made the top 10 list, but they deserve a little shine on the side.

Honorable Mentions

  • Steve Kerr
  • Ron Harper
  • Jamal Crawford
  • Jalen Rose
  • John Paxson

Without further ado, let’s dig into the top 10 guards to ever play for the Chicago Bulls.

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