Bulls: Zach LaVine ranked as the 4th best SG entering next season

Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /

Although the narrative surrounding the Chicago Bulls seems to indicate that the team lacks superstar talent, fans can be relieved as HoopsHype reveals their ranking of the top 10 shooting guards entering the 2022-23 season. Of course, Zach LaVine was deservedly ranked highly in the pecking order.

After an injury-riddled season and a disappointing postseason exit, HoopsHype had LaVine fourth on their list of the NBA’s top shooting guards. Behind Boston Celtic’s Jaylen Brown, Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell, and Sun’s Devin Booker. Booker ranked number one amongst all the other shooting guards on the list.

Although Zach LaVine’s ranking is not entirely horrible, I still believe that the Chicago Bulls guard should be ranked higher than 4th.

Here’s why Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine should be ranked higher.

HoopsHype reporter Frank Urbina had this to say about LaVine:

"A proven All-Star shooting guard at this point, LaVine has shown that he can score from all three levels using a solid jumper and spectacular athleticism to go with improved ball-handling, well as rebound and create for teammates."

As stated above, LaVine has shown that he could score from all three levels at an elite level, something that not many shooting guards in the league can do. He can put it on the floor and showcase his athleticism if you do not cut off his drive to the basket, knock down open or contested three-pointers, as well as have the ability to make mid-range pull-ups. He can do it all.

LaVine has clearly cemented himself as a perennial All-Star and he is only going to get better. He averaged 24.4 points per game last season and if you compare his scoring average to the other top three guards ranked ahead of him, LaVine would rank third in scoring. That being said, you have to take into consideration each player’s situation on their respective teams.

While Booker and Mitchell may be averaging more points per game than LaVine, they also have the ball in their hands way more than LaVine does. They are the primary scorers for their teams, whereas LaVine has to share the scoring load with DeMar DeRozan. When given the lion’s share of the scoring load, LaVine has shown that he is up for the challenge.

LaVine also dealt with injuries last season that slightly derailed his performance in the latter half of the season. Prior to his injury, LaVine was averaging close to 26 points per game on 49% shooting from the field and 41% from three. While also keeping the Bulls playoff hopes alive alongside DeRozan.

LaVine has consistently showcased over the past four seasons that he is a top shooting guard in the league. His ability to impact the game in an abundant amount of ways is what makes him so great. Despite what the rankings say, LaVine is a top 2 shooting guard in the league and he may not even be 2.

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