Chicago Bulls fan-favorite tournament: Round of 16

Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Ben Gordon, Kirk Hinrich, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

With 48 of the original 64 players already voted out by all of you, only the 16 best and most beloved Chicago Bulls remain in the fan-favorite tournament. Seven of the top eight seeds are still in the competition, so although things have gone according to plan thus far, it’s bound to only get more difficult to choose from here on out.

Voting is now open for this next round, so don’t forget to make your voice heard!

Only a quarter of the original contestants remain, but the competition looks even harder as we continue voting for the true Chicago Bulls fan favorite.

Group 1 Matchups

  • (#1) Zach LaVine vs. (#16) Stacey King
  • (#8) Thaddeus Young vs. (#9) Ben Gordon

Zach LaVine quickly added our beloved color commentator and former Chicago Bull Stacey King to his pile of dominant victories here, as he’s cruised through the competition thus far. Meanwhile, Ben Gordon is quick to deliver the first upset of this round by knocking the 8th seeded Thaddeus Young. Now, the two dynamic guards will square off to see who advances to the final four!

Click here to vote for Zach LaVine or Ben Gordon.

Group 2 Matchups

  • (#4) Alex Caruso vs. (#13) Jamal Crawford
  • (#5) Kirk Hinrich vs. (#21) BJ Armstrong

Although BJ Armstrong pulled off a surprising upset in the second round, his luck would falter here as Kirk Hinrich strolls on through to another dominant win. Alex Caruso also knocks off yet another beloved Bulls guard from the last 20 years. It now seems like Caruso and Hinrich are on a collision course to determine which point guard will come out on top.

Click here to vote for Alex Caruso or Kirk Hinrich.

Group 3 Matchups

  • (#2) Luol Deng vs. (#18) Bobby Portis
  • (#7) Horace Grant vs. (#10) Ayo Dosunmu

Luol Deng has looked truly unstoppable thus far in the tournament, easily clearing his competition and securing 90% or more of the vote in all three rounds. Sorry Bobby, you’re just another one of Lu’s victims. Horace Grant has also beaten some very good competition to get here, even taking out current beloved hometown kid Ayo Dosunmu. Luol and Horace are as evenly matched players as you’ll find in this tournament, each having left lasting legacies in Chicago to this day.

Click here to vote for Luol Deng or Horace Grant.

Group 4 Matchups

  • (#3) Taj Gibson vs. (#14) Patrick Williams
  • (#6) Nate Robinson vs. (#11) Steve Kerr

It had to come down to the very last minute, but Nate Robinson very narrowly defeats Steve Kerr by just one vote. In fact, Kerr actually held a lead in the poll with less than 10 minutes to go, and it took a last-minute rally to save Nate here. Taj Gibson, on the other hand, avoided all the dramatics and won easily with over 80% of the vote. It’s ironic that the only true big man left in the tournament is now matched up against the player who has made a career out of besting those bigger than him.

Click here to vote for Taj Gibson or Nate Robinson.

If your favorite Chicago Bulls player is still fighting to win it all, make sure to head on over to Pippen Ain’t Easy’s Twitter page and vote to keep them moving through the tournament!

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