Bulls: 5 ideal Coby White trade targets to balance the roster

Coby White, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Coby White, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /
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With all 15 roster spots filled and free agency nearing its conclusion, all eyes now turn to the NBA trade market to see what may happen next. If the Chicago Bulls aren’t done constructing their ideal 2022-23 roster, making a trade would be their best option to balance out the rotation.

In the event the Bulls do make a trade, Coby White is among the most likely players to be on the chopping block. Through no fault of his own, Chicago is simply loaded up on too much backcourt talent and could be better served moving a promising player like Coby to fill a hole elsewhere.

With the backup power forward spot still undecided, trading for a true reserve to fill in behind Patrick Williams would immediately make this team more well-rounded and prepared for another long and difficult regular season.

If the Chicago Bulls wish to acquire a quality reserve forward, trading away Coby White may be their best option.

Larry Nance Jr., Chicago Bulls, Coby White NBA Trade Rumors
Larry Nance Jr., Chicago Bulls (Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images) /

5. Larry Nance Jr.

It would be an ironic twist of fate, to see the Chicago Bulls come back around on the player they missed out on in the trade that sent Lauri Markkanen to Cleveland in the first place. That trade saw the highly sought-after Larry Nance Jr. go to Portland while Derrick Jones Jr. and a first-round pick were sent to Chicago.

In the days preceding this deal, Nance Jr. was becoming an increasingly talked about trade target. One year later, the need for a player like him on this roster persists. I actually really liked the return the Bulls got, as DJJ turned out to be a solid addition and Chicago was able to recoup some draft capital. But even still, the need persists.

With just one year and $9.6 million left on his deal, Nance Jr. presents an interesting low-risk, high-reward gamble for the Bulls. If everything works out, Chicago could even look to retain him on a team-friendly deal as he progresses into his thirties. Digging up enough money to re-sign Coby, on the other hand, looks like an impossibility at the moment.

There’s a reason why Nance Jr. has become a locker room favorite wherever he goes, and it’s due to his natural charisma and leadership qualities. While the Bulls missed on bringing a similar player like that back in Thaddeus Young, it’s not too late to swing a trade for Nance Jr.