Bulls: 10 best remaining options entering day 2 of free agency

T.J. Warren, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Ashley Landis - Pool/Getty Images)
T.J. Warren, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Ashley Landis - Pool/Getty Images) /

As we enter the second day of this summer’s free agency, the Chicago Bulls are now forced to sift through all the dominoes that were tipped over in last night’s flurry of news.

Of the five best free agents we recommended the Bulls to target, four have already been scooped up on reasonable contracts that were apparently out of Chicago’s price range. Instead, the Bulls would ink Andre Drummond to a two-year deal worth a little more than the veteran’s minimum.

The Drummond signing has left Bulls fans asking questions about how the team intends to use the rest of the MLE. Now that the hole at backup center has been filled, we can likely expect Chicago to target depth at the wing moving forward. The Bulls desperately need to continue adding size and shooting, so those two factors will heavily influence the list you see below.

Although they have already come to an agreement with Andre Drummond, the Chicago Bulls still possess most of their MLE to add another quality player.

10. Tony Snell

Mentioned in our article about former Bulls whose potential return could make sense for next season, Tony Snell is the only player from that list who remains unsigned. His 3-point shooting is his lone calling card, but it’s still a very dependable trait on a veteran’s minimum. I wouldn’t mind seeing Snell brought back, as long as it’s just to round out the roster. You’re not going to sell anyone on Tony Snell as a high-profile acquisition in 2022.

9. Markieff Morris

We didn’t get to see too much of Markieff Morris last season, as he was sidelined for the majority of the year due to an injury suffered during his infamous incident with Nikola Jokic. Morris has built a long career as a solid role player but isn’t the type of knockdown shooter the Bulls are looking for.

8. Juancho Hernangomez

Let’s be honest, the most notable thing Juancho Hernangomez did on a basketball court last year was star in Adam Sandler’s Hustle. Still, he does tick both boxes when it comes to having the size and shooting ability to be a decent piece off the bench, but he’s not going to be near the top of Chicago’s list. Great movie though.

7. Donte DiVincenzo

Moving for Donte DiVincenzo probably only makes for the Bulls if they end up finding a solid trade for Coby White, but he’s still good enough to make him worth keeping on the radar for now. Donte will bring shooting and NBA championship experience to whoever he ultimately signs with.

6. Carmelo Anthony

Bound to be a controversial choice among many, it’s still difficult to ignore Carmelo Anthony’s talent. He’s managed to reshape his game to make him a more viable option this late in his career and could be an option to address Chicago’s shooting woes.

5. Cody Martin

Cody Martin has made a strong impression in limited playing time in Charlotte and could thrive given a definitive role with the Bulls. Although he’s had to battle for playing time, he’s hit 38.4% of his 3-point shots and the advanced stats favor him as a positive defender.

4. Caleb Martin

Ironically, Cody Martin’s twin brother is next here on our list. Caleb Martin rates out slightly ahead here due to the fact he’s played important minutes for a better team in more critical moments. He also knocked down an excellent 41.3% of his attempts from deep last season. As a defender, he rates out similarly positive to his brother.

3. Danilo Gallinari

The seemingly most likely candidate for the Bulls to sign at the moment, Danilo Gallinari finds himself high on this list through the virtue of his shooting ability. It also has to be worth something if every team Danilo has been on recently is sad to see him go, despite his lack of defensive ability. Boston is reportedly Gallinari’s preferred destination right now, but it will be hard for him to walk away from the two-year, $15 million the Bulls are offering.

2. T.J. Warren

I understand we haven’t really gotten to see T.J. Warren play since the bubble in 2020, but I don’t see how he’s not near the top of Chicago’s list at the moment. Warren does practically everything Gallinari does, just at a higher level. I think it’s very telling that Boston has also been heavily attached to Warren in rumors. Warren famously averaged 31 points on an insane 68.4% true shooting percentage. Obviously, that’s not the player he can be full-time, but it still demonstrates he’s a clear tier above Danilo at this point in their careers.

1. Jalen Smith

As the lone remnant of our original free agent targets list, Jalen Smith finds himself drifting here to the top. Since the Pacers won’t have the ability to retain Smith at a fair price, he could potentially be a big steal here. Smith’s potential defensive upside is enticing, as we saw how much he improved in a short time once given minutes in Indiana. Combined with the fact his 3-point shot has emerged from nowhere, Smith is my favorite potential free agent signing for the Chicago Bulls.

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