Bulls receive mostly glowing 2022 NBA Draft grades from the media

Dalen Terry, Chicago Bulls, 2022 NBA Draft (Photo by Rebecca Noble/Getty Images)
Dalen Terry, Chicago Bulls, 2022 NBA Draft (Photo by Rebecca Noble/Getty Images) /

When the 18th pick of the 2022 NBA Draft was first called, I’ll admit, I was a skeptic. How could the Chicago Bulls afford to add another guard? Don’t we need to add some size? How could Dalen Terry possibly make an impression when he’s buried in the rotation and doesn’t directly fill a need?

All valid questions, or so I thought. And still, I saw a lot I liked in Terry. The pick even received a ‘B’ in Pippen Ain’t Easy’s post-draft analysis.

As time goes on, I’m only trending towards improving that grade even further, and not in the way most sports fans can talk themselves into any pick their team makes. I’m a believer in Dalen. I believe his selfless play and multi-faceted game can make him an amazing supporting piece for a good team, even if he couldn’t ever be “the guy” on a bad team.

But still, I could be biased. As a Bulls fan, of course I’d want Dalen to be a good pick. Of course I want him to have a successful career in Chicago. But I had to ask myself, did others around the league feel the same way at this pick?

Although many thought the Chicago Bulls reached here at No. 18 to select Dalen, the answer to that question was a surprisingly resounding “yes”.

While the pick surprised many fans, most experts agree that the Chicago Bulls made the right pick with Dalen Terry at No. 18.

The Ringer

The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor correctly identifies what the Bulls were going for here with this pick by picking up a glue guy that can do a bit of everything off the bench. O’Connor says, “I love Dalen Terry. I love him so much. Just like Arizona fans do. And I bet Bulls fans will love him, too… There isn’t a moment he’s on the court that you feel he’s doing anything but trying to win.”

Grade: A-

The Athletic

Sam Vecenie and John Hollinger of The Athletic did not offer an official letter grade in their draft review but still made their opinion on the 18th pick very clear. “It’s hard to see how Terry is not a starter-quality player if the shot translates. He just brings so many things NBA teams are looking for from non-star players,” the two analysts write, “It might take some time with the jumper, but he is a terrific bet to be a good role player.”

The two seem in agreement that Chicago had their head in the right place with this pick, citing Alex Caruso and Lonzo Ball as two players Terry can strive to emulate and have a similar impact on this Bulls team.

NBC Sports

“The Bulls plucking [Terry] at 18 was a mild surprise. But the upside makes the pick a worthy swing at this stage of the first round,” says NBC Chicago’s Rob Schaefer. However, here’s where I actually disagree with one of these grades. While Terry certainly has room to grow on the offensive side of things, I believe he was the right choice due to his NBA readiness and how his skills should immediately translate to the NBA level.

Unlike some of the others picked in the lottery, Dalen isn’t a raw prospect and a swing for the fences by the front office. He should be able to come in and contribute right away.

Grade: B

CBS Sports

“There’s a lot of stuff I like about Terry. He’s versatile, doesn’t get rattled by much and has great confidence,” says Gary Parrish of CBS Sports, “But this seems a bit higher than most people had him.” While most mock drafts had him going slightly lower, there were rumors that several other teams trying to trade up to land Terry. For that reason, I think it’s silly to dock points from Chicago’s draft grade here, 18th was a fine spot for a player like Dalen.

Grade: B

SB Nation

Ricky O’Donnell at SB Nation had a lot of good things to say about the 18th selection here. Like most who have watched Terry play a lot of basketball, O’Donnell’s only reservation concerns Terry’s ability to become a more dangerous offensive threat and command more usage. He writes, “Terry was the heart and soul of an Arizona team that earned a No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament. He has all the attributes of a ‘glue guy’ as a 6’7 wing with a 7-foot wingspan… He seems like a good player to bet on given his mentality, motor, and two-way versatility.”

Grade: B+

Bleacher Report

It’s very telling that Bleacher Report is the lone negative review among the bunch, offering pretty shallow analysis here. “Can [Terry] shoot? Or score in general?” writes Zach Buckley, “Those questions went unanswered across his two seasons in Arizona, where he averaged just 6.6 points per game and shot 35 percent on low volume from three. This feels early for a perimeter defensive specialist.”

Grade: C-

Sports Illustrated

“This is a big upside play from Chicago, says SI’s Jeremy Woo, “There’s some risk here, as Terry has some maturing to do and there were more reliable players on the board, but I like this as a gamble for Chicago.” Just like with CBS’ review, I think it’s silly to call Terry an “upside play”. What makes Dalen attractive as a prospect is his feel for the game and high floor, not his star potential. Also, why do these sites keep giving the Bulls such high grades if Dalen is such a “risky” pick?

Grade: B

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So while he may not have been the guy you wanted, or play the position you thought the Chicago Bulls needed, I feel like the consensus here is clear. Dalen Terry was quite possibly the best player still on the board and at the end of the day, was the best pick the front office could have made with what we were given.

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