Ranking the Chicago Bulls’ 10 most valuable trade assets

DeMar DeRozan, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
DeMar DeRozan, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Patrick Williams, Chicago Bulls
Patrick Williams, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

7. The #18 pick in the 2022 Draft

While many see the 2022 NBA Draft as relatively weak due to the lack of high-end superstar talent, this draft class makes up for it in a surplus of depth. In this draft, it almost feels like drafting at the No. 5 spot is just as good as drafting at No. 15. There should still be plenty of good options on the board by the time the 18th pick rolls around, it now just comes down to the front office’s ability to make the most out of this selection.

6. Ayo Dosunmu

Ayo Dosunmu broke onto this scene this year, shattering everyone’s low expectations as the 38th pick in the 2021 NBA Draft class. Ayo would steadily earn himself a larger role with the team as the season wore on and more players fell to injuries and COVID. Luckily, Dosunmu didn’t miss a beat and made the most of his opportunity, compiling an impressive season and earning an All-Rookie Second Team nomination.

It remains to be seen if Ayo can continue improving, but at the very least he’s captured our attention as a dynamic two-way player—something 29 other NBA front offices also seemed to miss at first glance. Dosunmu’s growth could be franchise-altering if he’s able to continue expanding and perfecting his game.

5. Nikola Vucevic

Despite having a rough time during his first full season with the Chicago Bulls, Nikola Vucevic still has a lot of undeniable talent. It’s very telling when a ‘bad’ season for a player involves them averaging a 17.6 point and 11 rebound double-double. Where most of the disappointment in Vucevic’s play comes from, however, is the fact his 3-point percentage fell off a cliff despite receiving by far the most wide-open shot attempts in the league. Vucevic’s pedigree as a two-time All-Star is significant, but it’s only going to carry the Bulls so far in trade talks if he continues to play poorly in Chicago.

4. Patrick Williams

Of all the players on this list, Patrick Williams is probably the only one capable of usurping the throne of the Chicago Bulls’ most valuable asset. As it stands, Williams has displayed a mountain of potential on both the offensive and defensive sides of things. Unfortunately for the Bulls, he’s failed to put it all together and display his worth in the NBA as of yet.

An offseason spent training with DeMar DeRozan should help remedy some of these struggles, but we’re going to need to see significant tangible on-court improvements before he’s inaugurated as the Bulls’ next big thing.