3 dynamic prospects Bulls should trade up for in 2022 NBA Draft

Jalen Duren, Chicago Bulls 2022 NBA Draft Rumors (Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)
Jalen Duren, Chicago Bulls 2022 NBA Draft Rumors (Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images) /
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Mark Williams, Chicago Bulls 2022 NBA Draft Rumors
Mark Williams, Chicago Bulls 2022 NBA Draft Rumors (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images) /

Pick Analysis. Center. 11.2 PTS, 7.4 REB, 2.8 BLK. 3. 434. Scouting Report. Mark Williams. player

Measuring in at a height of 7-foot-2 with a ridiculous 9-foot-9 standing reach at the NBA Combine, Mark Williams drew much attention with his imposing presence as the largest player in attendance. If Williams’ Final Four run with Duke wasn’t enough to get your attention, his high basketball IQ, physicality, and prowess on the glass should have him moving up on your big board.

Since other teams in the draft lottery will likely have their eyes locked in on high-upside prospects, it’s possible Williams slips under the radar due to his perceived lack of star potential. Williams may not be a two-way forward that has scouts projecting superstar player comparisons, but he does have many legitimate big-league skills that make him as sure of a bet as anyone to come in and immediately produce.

They say looks can be deceiving, and Williams is no exception here. While his enormous frame may induce expectations of a lumbering giant on the court, Williams has excellent footwork and is surprisingly nimble for someone of his stature. He won’t be chasing people around the perimeter, but I do believe Williams will be able to effectively switch on defense and use his length to contest shots.

Lacking an outside shot of his own, Williams will be forced to make up for his deficiencies on the perimeter with his lethal dunking ability. Any time the ball is within three feet of the hoop, opposing teams should be at risk of getting put on a poster.

For a Bulls team that loves to get out in transition, throw lobs, and is desperately in need of help on the boards, Williams fits the bill on all accounts. With the Charlotte Hornets also in serious need of a big man, it’s unlikely Williams falls past their No. 13 pick. In order to draft a very solid backup (with true starter potential) to Vucevic, Chicago would likely have to move into the top 12.

Fortunately, the Thunder sit at the No. 12 spot and have displayed a notorious propensity for making draft-day deals in recent years. If the Bulls do wish to move up, Oklahoma City would at least pick up the phone and entertain the notion of a swap.

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