Chicago Bulls: 3 Veterans to reunite Billy Donovan with in free agency

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Chicago Bulls

Billy Donovan, Chicago Bulls. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Bulls head coach Billy Donovan has significant experience leading successful teams at both the collegiate and professional levels. Naturally, he has connections across the league in terms of coaching relationships and player relationships.

The player relationships Donovan has could be something the front office tries to take advantage of in free agency. The Bulls have a number of issues to address in free agency, so finding a couple of bargain deals could be key in filling out the roster.

Beneficial signings due to relationships work in a number of ways, though. It isn’t only about finding a player who might take slightly less to come play for his former coach.

Value could be found in signing a player for market value knowing Donovan can get the absolute most out of the player. Additionally, some players are strong veterans that have value in the locker room.

There are a number of ways the Bulls can attack free agency, and bringing in a player or two that is familiar with their head coach can not be a bad idea. That’s why we’re taking a look at three free-agent targets the Bulls could sign and reunite with head coach Billy Donovan.

This list doesn’t include any players from his college coaching days, as only a few players from those Florida Gators teams remain in the NBA. Corey Brewer could be considered an honorable mention in that regard.

He’d be nothing more than a training camp invite but would not be the worst player to bring in as the team gets ready for the regular season. That being said, it would be hard for the Bulls to give him a fair shot at making the roster if things go as the team hopes in free agency.

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