Chicago Bulls: 3 things Williams-Butler comparisons are missing

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Jimmy Butler, Chicago Bulls
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3) Chicago Bulls comparison of Williams to Butler

Few athletes that work as hard as Jimmy Butler

It may be a bit cliche to say, but Jimmy Butler is a once in a life time player. He put his work effort on display this season, helping lift the Miami Heat to the NBA Finals on the back of his sheer strength and determination.

Many thought the Heat wouldn’t even make the playoffs. But there they were, a roster lead by veterans and undrafted rookies, in the NBA Finals. All of this success was thanks to Jimmy Butler’s role as a hard-working leader.

This is what made Butler a star in the NBA: not his length, not his jumper, his work ethic.

He’s worked harder than almost anyone else in the NBA from day one. That’s what it takes for “raw prospects” like Butler; like Patrick Williams, to live up to their potential. Drive and determination are what turns flashes of talent into a superstar player.

Without that competitive fire, some players just never develop.

Williams’ game is missing a lot right now: his 3-point shot being the most notably absent skill from his arsenal. If he can put the time and effort into evolving his game and reaching the next level, he could legitimately be the next Butler.

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But there’s a reason every NBA Draft pick doesn’t reach their fullest potential, and it’s because being an athlete isn’t easy work.

Being the next Butler is far from a given.