Chicago Bulls: Jamal Murray backs Olajuwon that MJ is better than LeBron

LeBron James, Jamal Murray Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
LeBron James, Jamal Murray Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

The Denver Nuggets potent scoring guard Jamal Murray appears to agree that the Chicago Bulls legendary guard Michael Jordan is better than LeBron.

One NBA legend that helped spark more of the GOAT debate is the former Houston Rockets Hall-of-Fame center and 12-time All-Star selection Hakeem Olajuwon. The Chicago Bulls all-time great shooting guard Michael Jordan found himself firmly in the midst of headlines for most of this crazy calendar year, and he returned again last week thanks to comments on the GOAT debate from Olajuwon.

A current NBA standout that added to the discussion this week, and definitely put more fuel to the flame on the Jordan side, is the Denver Nuggets scoring guard Jamal Murray. Murray apparently sides with Jordan in the GOAT debate, and backs the statement of Olajuwon from last week, that the Bulls legend is a “far superior” player to the Los Angeles Lakers now four-time NBA Champion and superstar forward LeBron James.

There was a nugget on social media that appeared over the weekend showing that Murray liked the post on NBA Central on their Twitter page with the statement from Olajuwon regarding the GOAT debate (per Lakers Daily). And this caused quite the social media uproar from current and former players and fans around the NBA landscape.

It is interesting that Murray just fell short to LeBron and the Lakers in a quick five-game series in the Western Conference Finals in the bubble at Disney World last season. LeBron and the Lakers would wind up winning the NBA Championship, giving him his fourth ring of his lengthy and accomplished career, after knocking off the Nuggets in the West Finals and then the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.

Murray did have a solid season in his own right, averaging around 19 points per game, four rebounds, and five assists. And his play only got better in the playoffs, but the Lakers did do a good job of shutting him down.

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LeBron still has two more titles to nab, along with a couple of MVP’s, and two Finals MVP’s, to reach the same number that Jordan had during his playing days in the NBA. While the GOAT debate continues to rage on between Jordan and LeBron, it is important to note that fans should just witness the greatness of each in this weird year of a Lakers title and the release of the documentary series “The Last Dance”.