Chicago Bulls: Remastered MJ documentary to premier at IMAX

IMAX (Photo by Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images)
IMAX (Photo by Yuriko Nakao/Getty Images) /

A newly remastered version of “Michael Jordan to the Max” featuring the 1998 Chicago Bulls is set to hit IMAX theaters today.

The recent premier of the hit 10-part ABC/ESPN/Netflix documentary series highlighting the Chicago Bulls 1997-98 title-winning team and legendary shooting guard Michael Jordan in particular, “The Last Dance”, is still impacting the basketball and media landscapes in the fall. The Last Dance premiered back in April during the pause of the 2019-20 NBA regular season in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

And it was nice having the docuseries premier early since it gave basketball fans around the country, and even around most of the globe, something to entertain them while the sports world was essentially on hiatus. The Last Dance was so good that it even won an Emmy this year for the best non-fiction/documentary series.

Following the premier of The Last Dance, there was an absolute craze for Jordan and 1990’s Bulls content. From the explosion of the Jordan/Bulls memorabilia and collectibles market, to people indulging past re-runs of those great dynasty teams, The Last Dance surely had a profound impact.

And there’s even more content coming out after the docuseries finished premiering its 10 parts. Now that The Last Dance is over, there’s more on the way reportedly with the remastered version of “Michael Jordan to the Max” premiering at IMAX this year.

This newly remastered documentary is 45 minutes long and originally premiered in the year 2000. But it is being re-done now and it hits theaters heading into the weekend on Oct. 9. This could give Bulls, and Jordan fans in particular, even more content to indulge themselves as this team currently sits in its offseason that has gone on since mid-March.

As the Jordan craze continues on, we can also appreciate what he did for the game and the exposure that the better times for the Bulls is getting in the modern day. It’s nice to have the memories brought back during a tough year for everyone.

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Michael Jordan to the Max is a film that, like The Last Dance, focuses primarily on the Bulls team in 1998. It also showcases celebrities and big time names from around the NBA like Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, and Spike Lee.