Chicago Bulls: ‘The Last Dance’ driving MJ memorabilia craze

“The Last Dance” had a profound impact in multiple ways on the basketball landscape, namely pertaining to Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

The recent 10-part hit ESPN/ABC/Netflix documentary series highlighting the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls title-winning team “The Last Dance” had a profound impact on a lot of basketball fans in the last few months. The Last Dance actually just won an Emmy for the best documentary/non-fiction series this year over the likes of Netflix series “Tiger King” and PBS long-running docuseries “American Masters”.

Where The Last Dance really had an impact around the world of basketball fans was giving them something to watch and to entertain them in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic and drive a craze for Michael Jordan collectibles and memorabilia. Since The Last Dance first premiered early back in April, the memorabilia craze for Jordan collectibles went nuts.

There are now autographs and rookie cards, among other collectibles and memorabilia for Jordan and those dynasty Bulls teams of the 1990’s, selling for upwards of $10,000 on a consistent basis. From the rookie and autograph cards, to national headlines coming about from baseball memorabilia of Jordan’s, this trend might not go away anytime soon.

The Last Dance was a true game-changer to the docuseries world, and drew rave reviews and polarized opinions right from the outset of the release of the initial parts back in spring. If it had the ability to drive this crazy trend for high-priced Jordan sports memorabilia, the impact is really well-known around the country and different parts of the globe.

The sports memorabilia and trading card industry is one that looked to be dying out in the last decade or two, but this docuseries is helping it make a comeback in some respects. Maybe it will only impact the basketball card and Jordan memorabilia sectors of this industry, but it’s cool to see it make a comeback to some degree.

The 14-time NBA All-Star selection, five-time MVP, six-time Finals MVP, six-time NBA Champion, and Hall-of-Fame shooting guard Jordan is continuing to make waves in the basketball landscape in this day and age. The Last Dance did wonders for the stories of those great Bulls teams with Jordan in the 1990’s to modern NBA fans.