Chicago Bulls: John Starks would pick MJ over LeBron

A former common foe of the Chicago Bulls, John Starks, tried to settle the Michael Jordan-LeBron James GOAT debate earlier this week with FanSided.

The continuous debate as to who the greatest player in NBA history is usually comes down in this day and age to the former Chicago Bulls all-time great shooting guard Michael Jordan and the Los Angeles Lakers superstar point forward LeBron James. There are other names that could be thrown into the mix in this debate, but those two are usually the most popular options in the modern day for who the NBA’s GOAT is.

A former foe of Jordan’s back in his hay day frequently winning NBA Championships in the 1990’s with the Bulls, New York Knicks former standout guard John Starks, gave his take on this debate this week. The ex-Oklahoma State Cowboy and one-time NBA All-Star selection, 1992-93 All-Defensive Team selection, and 1996-97 Sixth Man of the Year award winner, had an exclusive interview with FanSided on this matter on Sep. 14.

Starks wasn’t clear on his decision, specifically stating that Jordan and LeBron are very different players. And thus it would be really hard to choose between the two in most debates. But he did give his ultimate take on the matter.

“No question Michael,” Starks said. “I always say if your life depended on it and you had him or LeBron taking the last shot, which one would you want to take the last shot? A majority of people say Michael, so that’s how I will put it.”

And here’s more on what he had to say on why he is so split on this decision.

“I think you can’t compare the two because they’re two totally different players,” said Starks. “Obviously LeBron is six-eight and 260-pounds. He’s more, and people always say, he’s more like a Magic Johnson, but more athletic, in that sense. Michael’s just a killer, basically. His wheel and his athleticism and what made him so special, and I tell people this, he was probably one of the most well-balanced athletes out there on the court.”

Jordan and LeBron each have a load of accolades to their names. And the latter of the two is still trying to expand his trophy case, in his current playoff run with the Lakers this season. LeBron and Lakers are waiting to see who they will face in the Western Conference Finals at this moment. The top-seeded Lakers will either face the two-seed Los Angeles Clippers or the stingy three-seed Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals.

If LeBron and Anthony Davis can push the Lakers to win the title this year, it would be the fourth of his lengthy and accomplished NBA career. But LeBron would still be two short of Jordan, who racked up six during his run with the Bulls back in the 1990’s.

The Bulls are a far ways away right now from getting to that point of contention where they were at during any point with Jordan in the mix, or where the Lakers are now with LeBron and AD. Hopefully that will all turnaround soon with Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley taking over as the lead voices in the front office this offseason.