Chicago Bulls: Growing ‘momentum’ for Jim Boylen to keep his job

At this point, it is not all that surprising that the Reinsdorfs are planning on keeping Chicago Bulls head coach Jim Boylen around for next season.

The news that most Chicago Bulls fans are going to find extremely unfortunate and unnecessary might not be all that far away concerning head coach Jim Boylen and his job security. Once the Bulls made a significant front office overhaul pretty much from the top-down, it looked like Boylen could be one of the next to go within the organization too. But that has yet to occur. Quite the opposite actually since the front office overhaul happened back in spring.

On Aug. 6, more news emerged that seems to show the push that Jerry Reinsdorf is making from the top-down to keep Boylen around heading into the 2020-21 season. According to a report from Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times on Thursday morning, “financial concerns” could be the reasoning by Reinsdorf keeps Boylen around next season.

Here’s more on what that piece from Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times had to say on the matter.

But as the Sun-Times learned this week, even if Karnisovas didn’t like what he would have seen from Boylen he would likely be handcuffed from making a change.

According to several sources, there is strong growing momentum that financial concerns the Reinsdorfs have about the 2020-21 NBA season will keep Boylen in his current seat, as well as most of the coaching staff.

It is a well known fact that Reinsdorf likes to prioritize the financial aspect of the teams he owns (the Bulls and MLB’s Chicago White Sox) over the success of the franchise. Given that a lot of NBA teams have run into hard times, the option of keeping Boylen around makes sense from financial perspective.

But that’s about it.

In all likelihood, Boylen is going to do nothing to help the Bulls find more success on the court. And he definitely isn’t doing anything to help their public image and move the rebuild any closer to the point of contention in the Eastern Conference heading into its fourth year.

The Bulls finished up with a record of 22-43 through their 65 games of the 2019-20 regular season prior to the novel coronavirus pandemic-induced hiatus back in mid-March. Boylen now boasts a career head coaching record with the Bulls of 39-84.

Keeping Boylen around definitely is going to help the Bulls out during this cycle of free agency, or on the trade market. Stars already look to not want to play in the Windy City with the current image of the team, and Boylen does tend to make that situation worse.