Chicago Bulls: 3 unfortunate reasons Jim Boylen returns in 2020-21

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Jim Boylen, Chicago Bulls

Jim Boylen, Chicago Bulls (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

A lengthy offseason for the Chicago Bulls would lead most to believe that a head coaching search would already be underway to replace Jim Boylen.

At one point at the outset of the Chicago Bulls 2029 offseason, it looked like there was little to no chance that management would be bringing back head coach Jim Boylen for another season. When ownership finally made a significant change in the front office, it brought a lot of excitement and skepticism both. The thought was that the Reinsdorfs were finally pushed over the edge with how the current state of the rebuild looked.

But other indicators are lingering that ownership might be content with a lot of the status quo beyond making those front office changes. Ideally, there would still be a lot to tackle in terms of NBA Draft decisions, free agency, general roster construction, coaching staff adjustments, etc. Nothing of the sort in any of those regards have happened yet.

For something like known roster construction plans or especially notable changes to the coaching staff, now would be the time for that to happen. The Bulls have an extended offseason to potentially get a new look coaching staff setup and start adjusting the roster more to the mound of a more successful future rebuild.

The Bulls have players like rookie point guard Coby White, power forward Lauri Markkanen, center Wendell Carter Jr., etc. that need to continue moving their development in the right direction. Boylen might not be the right head coach to do that. But that decision will not be one of the fans to keep Boylen around or let him go beyond this offseason.

Here’s a look into the three unfortunate reasons why the Bulls might actually be bringing back Boylen as head coach for a second full season.

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