Chicago Bulls: Pippen was heated with MJ after ‘The Last Dance’ series

Former Chicago Bulls legends Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan apparently didn’t have as much agreement on “The Last Dance” as once assumed.

Something that helped keep the basketball world distracted from all that was going on during the novel coronavirus pandemic back in most of April and May was the 10-part documentary series highlighting the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls title-winning team “The Last Dance”. The hit docuseries especially gave fans in the Windy City, and just fans of all of those great Bulls dynasty teams of the 1990’s, a shot of nostalgia while the NBA was on pause in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And while most of the reaction to The Last Dance was positive, there were a few critics in terms of the way the docuseries was portrayed. One of the more unexpected critics of the way that the Bulls all-time great shooting guard Michael Jordan portrayed himself and his teammates and opponents in The Last Dance was one of his own mates. Hall-of-Fame forward Scottie Pippen seemed happy with how the docuseries was done initially, but that viewpoint has since changed in the public eye.

In a recent ESPN Chicago Radio show that focused on a few of the more prominent Bulls storylines from The Last Dance, the real viewpoint of Pippen started to shine through. Apparently Scottie was “so angry at Michael and how he was portrayed, called selfish, called this, called that, that he’s furious that he participated and did not realize what he was getting himself into.”

That is a different mindset than most Bulls fans likely thought Pippen had toward the docuseries. And Pippen sounds like he was “wounded” and “disappointed” (per ESPN Jackie MacMullen report) in some of his portrayel in The Last Dance, which is some blame that partly falls back on MJ’s shoulders.

An entire one episode of the 10-part docuseries focused on Pippen’s come up and story of how he got to the point of where he found all of his success in the NBA, and more specifically with the Bulls. He mostly had rave reviews in his interviews in The Last Dance about his time as an MJ teammate and his overall run with the Bulls.

It is a pretty well-known fact that MJ and Scottie still get along pretty well. They were good teammates that worked together in unison and helped guide the Bulls to the six titles they won during the 1990’s dynasty years.