Chicago Bulls: 3 least efficient teammates Michael Jordan ever had

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Michael Jordan, Kwame Brown, Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan, Kwame Brown, Chicago Bulls (Photo credit should read HEATHER HALL/AFP via Getty Images)

During his long and glorious NBA career, former Chicago Bulls legendary shooting guard Michael Jordan had his share of standout and inefficient teammates.

Most thoughts surrounding a player as great as the Chicago Bulls legendary shooting guard, and the player widely considered the best in NBA history Michael Jordan, do not encompass the most inefficient teammates he ever had. But the way Jordan played did tend to make the most inefficient of his teammates that would hold the Bulls back well known and dispensable.

Jordan held his teammates to the ultimate level of accountability, which is part of what made him so great and allowed the Bulls to win six titles in six appearances in the NBA Finals in the 1990’s. This approach did come with its fair share of downfalls, since there is a darker side to Jordan that a lot of fans and people in the media see in the shadow of his NBA career.

But during his lengthy and award-filled NBA career, Jordan played for two different teams. He was the third overall pick in the first round of the 1984 NBA Draft of the Bulls. Jordan played until the 1997-98 season only with the Bulls, outside of his stint for one year trying to play baseball. He then played two seasons for the Washington Wizards after his second retirement during his playing days.

Jordan played for the Wizards during the 2001-02 and 2002-03 season before officially calling it quits and then moving permanently into a front office role in the league.

There were a number of good teammates that Jordan had when looking back on his glorious career. Like any other superstar in the league, though, Jordan did have his fair share of inefficient teammates that at least somewhat held him back.

Here’s a look into the three least efficient teammates that the Bulls legend MJ ever had during his playing days in the NBA.

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