Chicago Bulls: Dennis Rodman should have his own docuseries

(Photo credit should read MIKE NELSON/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo credit should read MIKE NELSON/AFP via Getty Images) /

Now that the Chicago Bulls docuseries “The Last Dance” has wrapped up, which player deserves their own focus in a docuseries next?

One of the most fascinating players in NBA history, on and off-the-court, is the ex-Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman. As he spent most of his NBA career with the Bulls, Detroit Pistons, and San Antonio Spurs, “The Worm” became one of the most polarizing players and entertaining personalities of any that played in the NBA at the time.

To this day, Rodman is still one of the most notable former stars to follow away from the game of basketball. He serves as a model that players are people too and that expressing personality is something that is important for the players today to show.

The polarization of Rodman on and off-the-court was recently put on full display in the hit 10-part documentary series on ESPN/ABC/Netflix featuring the 1997-98 Bulls title-winning team called “The Last Dance”. There was even an entire part of The Last Dance that profiled Rodman, mostly during his run with the Bulls.

Rodman was one of the most crucial pieces of the three title teams for the a Bulls in the late 1990’s, alongside fellow Hall-of-Famers Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. Throughout the entirety of the docuseries, MJ was obviously the focal point. But Pippen and Rodman got their own parts to profile their basketball journeys and time with the Bulls.

The Last Dance gave a lot of basketball fans something to be excited for week in and week out while the sports world was essentially put on pause due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Now that the series is wrapped up, after parts nine and 10 premiered last weekend on May 17, thinking about what documentary could come next featuring current and former basketball stars is rampant in discussion.

An idea that was pitched by former NBA player Quincy Pondexter on his Twitter timeline on May 17 (after The Last Dance concluded), was featuring The Worm and Carmen Electra as a spin-off docuseries. Given all the drama surrounding those two that even showed up in The Last Dance, that would be a really fun idea even for non-basketball fans.

The Last Dance showed Rodman during his improptu Las Vegas trip, WWE stint, and the times when he dated Carmen Electra and then Madonna. Rodman definitely loved having fun away from the hardwood, and it showed in The Last Dance through multiple different parts of the docuseries.

Knowing that Rodman was one of the most notable storylines that emerged from this docuseries itself, there is some traction that one of his own documentaries that stems into multiple parts could be worth producing. Rodman does already have an ESPN 30-for-30 documentary out “Rodman: For Better or Worse”.

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The 30-for-30 highlighting Rodman doesn’t give near enough time to completely telling the story of his career on and off-the-court. There’s so much to his career and journey after his NBA run ended in the early 2000’s.