Chicago Bulls: 3 modern NBA stars Michael Jordan compares closest to

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2. Kevin Durant, Forward

Curry was teammates on the Warriors for a good stretch of time with superstar Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant when they were winning so many titles in the last six years. Two of the titles that the Warriors won during their dynasty years were with that super team that also included the former Texas Longhorn KD.

The commonality between KD and Jordan is just the fact that both were arguably the best players in the NBA, and at their individual positions, for a good portion of their careers. Up until he tore his achilles tendon in the playoffs last year, KD could’ve been on pace to challenge Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks for the title of the NBA’s best individual player.

The accolades that KD brings to the table is about on par with that of Curry. He’s got an impressive list going back to his years with the Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder. KD has 10 All-Star selections to his name, one MVP, four scoring titles, two All-Star Game MVP’s, two NBA Finals MVP’s, nine All-NBA selections, Rookie of the Year honors, and two titles.

KD has a career 61.3 true shooting percentage, 141.7 win shares, 6.7 box plus/minus rating, 69.0 value over replacement player rating, and .217 win shares per 48 minutes. He also has a career playoff 59.7 true shooting percentage, 6.9 box plus/minus rating, and .198 win shares per 48 minutes.

The raw scoring ability and gifted physical tools for KD and MJ are two glaring similarities between them.