Chicago Bulls: 3 modern NBA stars Michael Jordan compares closest to

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3. Stephen Curry, Point Guard

The mentality between the Warriors 6-foot-3 and 190 pound Davidson product and point guard Stephen Curry and MJ look extremely different on the surface. That end of the comparison between these two insanely good scoring guards isn’t very close, but there are other ample similarities that do exist.

Curry is possibly the greatest shooter of all-time, and he is definitely better in that category than Jordan. In his NBA career thus far, Curry has a 62.3 true shooting percentage, 47.6 field goal percentage, 43.5 three-point percentage, and 90.6 free-throw percentage. Curry isn’t as good of a shooter in the playoffs, with a 60.9 true shooting percentage. But he tends to be covered closer in the playoffs and by usually more capable defenders on the perimeter.

The accolades that Curry brings to the table are pretty impressive. He boasts two MVP’s, six All-Star selections, one scoring and one steals title, six All-NBA selections, and three titles. If the Warriors get back to the prominence they were at prior to losing a lot of key parts of their dynasty teams of the mid-to-late 2010’s, Curry could continue to rack up the accolades in the back end of his career.

What else helps the comparison between Curry and Jordan is the fact that they led the two winningest NBA regular season teams in history. Curry had a 73-win Warriors team and Jordan had a 72-win Bulls team. All that these two really know (at least until this season for Steph) is winning in the regular season and playoffs.