Chicago Bulls: 3 times Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan inspired us all

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Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls (Photo credit should read Vince Bucci/AFP via Getty Images)

“The Last Dance” will see a lot of the story behind the scenes between Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls and Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers.

In the next two parts of the 10-part ESPN/ABC/Netflix documentary series featuring the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls title team entitled “The Last Dance”, there should be an emphasis in one of the episodes of the recently passed all-time great Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant. The two focuses of two of the next parts of The Last Dance should be what happened in the Bulls-Knicks legendary rivalry and Kobe’s relationship with Chicago’s all-time great shooting guard Michael Jordan.

Throughout the entirety of the docuseries, Jordan is obviously the main character. He gets the bulk of the screen time on interviews, and deservingly so. But on one of the nights of the five for the releases of the 10 parts of The Last Dance, most of the attention will go to Kobe and the thoughts of his great playing days. His passing earlier this year is still hard to realize for most NBA fans.

At least this is a look back on the better days for Kobe and MJ. They had a unique relationship, which was why Jordan called Kobe essentially his little brother at the memorial speech at Staples Center a few months back.

Kobe and MJ are two of the best to ever play in the NBA. They are definitely two of the best shooting guards of all-time. And they had a few classic meetings in the regular season and in All-Star Weekend.

Here’s a look into the three times that Chicago Bulls/Washington Wizards shooting guard Michael Jordan and Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant inspired us all through the game of basketball.

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