Chicago Bulls: 3 most underrated Dennis Rodman moments

Chicago Bulls (Photo by JOHN HRYNIUK / AFP) (Photo by JOHN HRYNIUK/AFP via Getty Images)
Chicago Bulls (Photo by JOHN HRYNIUK / AFP) (Photo by JOHN HRYNIUK/AFP via Getty Images) /
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2. Coming home to the Dallas Mavericks

You get the good with the bad with a personality like Rodman has. Every basketball fan that even knows his name should already figure that The Worm has just as many bad/unusual as he has incredible moments. Rodman’s lengthy list of moments worth remembering goes back to the 1980’s, and still happens today whenever he says something controversial, appears in a documentary, or is involved with Kim Jung Un and North Korea.

However, one particularly memorable moment from the end of Rodman’s NBA career was when he tried his hand in a homecoming stint with the Dallas Mavericks. Rodman is a Dallas native, more specifically of South Oak Cliff. But he homecoming didn’t go as planned as he would not come anywhere close to lasting a full season in Dallas.

Rodman would play in just 12 games with the Mavericks during the 1999-00 season before he was released in March 2000. It was a short lived homecoming, and mostly a forgettable one. An ESPN report from March 9, 2000 shows how both sides felt about this Dallas reunion.

"“If it’s not a personal thing, then it’s the NBA, saying if you don’t get rid of Dennis Rodman, then you’re not going to be an owner,” Rodman said. “I think it’s an injustice because I’m me, Dennis Rodman. I haven’t done anything wrong. I thought I was doing a good job. I thought I lived up to my expectations. I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. I get the short end of the stick every … time. What am I doing wrong?”"

Fellow Hall-of-Famer, two-time NBA MVP, and former Mavericks superstar point guard Steve Nash was once quoted saying that Rodman “never wanted to be a Maverick). Nash and Dirk seemed like they would provide a place where Rodman could thrive, but it never worked out. Some of those quotes from Rodman from his time in Dallas show how he felt about the fit.