Chicago Bulls: 3 most underrated Dennis Rodman moments

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Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls (Photo by JOHN HRYNIUK / AFP) (Photo by JOHN HRYNIUK/AFP via Getty Images)

Parts three and four of the Chicago Bulls 1997-98 season docuseries called ‘The Last Dance’ will heavily feature forward Dennis Rodman.

During his roughly 13 years in the NBA, former Chicago Bulls Star 6-foot-7 forward Dennis Rodman had some polarizing and downright weirdly incredible moments on and off-the-court. Rodman was one of the most polarizing and entertaining figures in all of sports even up through the 2010’s. He still manages to make headlines with a lot of his activities away from the game of basketball.

In the premier week of the 10-part ESPN/ABC documentary series featuring the 1997-98 Bulls title team called “The Last Dance”, a lot of the highlighting moments involved shooting guard Michael Jordan and forward Scottie Pippen above the rest. Week two of The Last Dance should include Rodman more so than it did in the two premier parts of the docuseries.

Part of that involvement with Rodman in The Last Dance should come his days with the Bulls divisional foe and his first team in his NBA career, the Detroit Pistons. The team that came to be known as the “Bad Boys” was where “The Worm” would find his first home in the pros.

Rodman had moments that are now worth forgetting from his time in the Motor City, Windy City, and with the three other teams he played for during his NBA career. Some of those moments also need to be remembered but won’t necessarily be shown in a positive light. That’s just how the aura surrounding Rodman goes even in this day and age.

Here’s a look back into the three best moments from the NBA career and days thereafter of former Chicago Bulls star big man Dennis Rodman, prior to night two of “The Last Dance”.

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