Chicago Bulls: Ranking 5 best Dennis Rodman teammates of all-time

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Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls (Photo by JEFF HAYNES / AFP) (Photo credit should read JEFF HAYNES/AFP via Getty Images)

The focus of “The Last Dance” parts 3 and 4 should partially fall on the former Chicago Bulls Hall-of-Fame forward Dennis Rodman.

In the accomplished NBA career of the former Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls Hall-of-Fame 6-foot-7 forward Dennis Rodman, he got to play alongside of number of legends. To win five NBA Championships with the likes of two different teams, and nearly winning another with a third later in his career, is a tough feat.

But Rodman made quality contributions and a solid impact at pretty much every landing spot during his career. His last two stops weren’t as effective as the first three, but he still contributed some for the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers before it was all said and done.

In between his time with the Pistons and Bulls, he would also have a decent stint with the San Antonio Spurs for two seasons.

Rodman was 37 years old when he played for the Mavericks, and 38 with the Lakers. He would hang them up officially at the conclusion of the 1999-20 season, when he was playing in a Lakers uniform.

This list encompasses any teammate that Rodman would have played with for more than 50 games. That would leave his very brief stints with the Mavericks and Lakers as invalid. He didn’t play in close to 50 games in either season that he spent in Dallas or Los Angeles. But that does take into account his time with the Bulls, Pistons, and Spurs.

Here’s a look into the five greatest teammates that the former Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman played with during his time in the Windy City and with the Pistons and Spurs.

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